About me

I’m a third-generation 50-something South African.  I was raised in the apartheid years and  have found the changes since 1994 fascinating, exciting, exhilarating and sometimes heartbreaking and frightening. For friends and family abroad, both ex-South African and others,  I find myself wanting to document the ordinary, everyday experiences of ordinary, everyday life in this complex, kaleidoscope country.  My responses are, of course, subjective, but I try to record things as dispassionately as possible.  Sometimes the material is so uplifting and encouraging, it’s easy.  At other times it’s not.  But whatever the story, I aim to tell it just like it is – from my perspective.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I loved your post … I too lived in East London once …1962 – 67 a refugee from Rhodesia. I went to Cambridge High and then East London Technical College … I knew a few girls from Clarendon High. The memories roll back … thank you for sharing.


  2. Thank you for following my blog. I started reading your blog from the beginning, and it has been fascinating for me to learn about South Africa. I had a dear friend from South Africa when I lived in Chicago over ten years ago, and it is a place that I have always wanted to visit. I will continue to follow.


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