Six years of Sunshine in London

Ok.  So this is perhaps something of a cop out.  I haven’t written a post on Africadayz in about 9 months for the simple reason that very little happened in this country last year that I particularly wanted to share.  But to go right back to the beginning, Africadayz was inspired by the blogger whose post I’ve shared here, namely, Sunshine in London.  I loved her writing and the subjects she chose and I felt encouraged to try to share the often-overlooked good things that surround us here.

In this post, she gives us her perspective of living in the UK as an ex-pat African and she has done it so well.  With two adult children now living in London and my sister and her family living in the beautiful Sussex countryside not far from London, the UK has become, over the last several years, my ‘go to’ place; even my home from home.  I have grown to love it.  It does not mean I love South Africa less and it doesn’t mean I don’t recognise the foibles and difficulties with which one is presented in Britain, but I am so tired of South Africans asking me how I and my ‘English’ family cope with ‘the weather’ when there is so, so much more to enjoy and experience on that Island, that I simply had to reblog Sunshine’s post.  I hope my Africadayz readers enjoy it.

Sunshine in London

It was early September in 2009 that Mr Sunshine and I packed up our home in Cape Town. We had simplified our belongings into a suitcase each and, with his university place and my hopes of a job, we jumped on a plane bound for London. We had no guarantees.

For the first year or so, until I’d got permanent work and we no longer had to live on savings, it felt like we’d leapt out of a plane, waiting for our parachutes to open. The ride was scary and exhilarating, never knowing when the cheek-wobbling free fall would end.

All we knew was that it was going to be an adventure. And it has been.

It feels like a lifetime since our adventure began. My blog name reflects both my nature and intention to find sunshine in London, to find light in the dark days, and to make the most of…

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3 thoughts on “Six years of Sunshine in London

  1. “Disappointing” weather–we get a lot of that in the Pacific Northwest! I can relate. It’s good to hear from you, Jacqui … I miss your blog and learning things about Africa.


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