Just Another Day

The soundtrack in my head yesterday and today has been Paul McCartney’s ‘Just Another Day’.

Yesterday I found myself – not without trepidation – at a lecture concerning the plight of our rhinos.  I learnt a lot including that 8O% of Africa’s rhinos are here, in South Africa.  Uganda and Zambia no longer have any rhino left at all.  We seem then to be the custodians of rhino for the entire continent and yet, we learnt, 1 rhino is killed in this country every 20 hours.  This huge pachyderm has been on earth for something like 20 million years and we’ve only been here for 2 but as a species, we present the greatest threat this creature has ever faced.  I think most of the audience left feeling diminished by our own humanity, desperate for a solution to be found that could stop this carnage and confused by the conflicting methods suggested.  Maybe it’s going to take a whole generation to tip the scales.

So there was that to think about for the rest of the day.  And then came the news that our local fruit and vegetable shop had had an armed robbery in the morning.  More guns; just pointed at different targets.   This shop is a busy place in the middle of a small, neighbourhood shopping centre where it would seem difficult NOT to hit anyone if firing a weapon.  Fortunately, however, our newspaper today states ‘there were no gunshot injuries during the incident’ although one bullet ‘lodged in a packet of sausages’ at the butcher opposite and a 7 months pregnant woman ‘started having contractions due to the shock.’  And discussing it today, my husband, typically South African suggests  I’d better ‘look out for bruised fruit….’   It’s just another day in Jhb

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