The Long and Winding Road

For several years now, I’ve believed that a fundamental requirement for coping with the day to day anomalies of life in the New South Africa, is, quite simply, a sense of humour.  Once you’ve lost it you might as well pack your bags and seek tamer, more predictable shores.

An issue concerning lots of Johannesburgers at the moment is the proposed introduction of a tolling system on the major highway system surrounding the city.  Last Wednesday saw a huge protest march in the city centre and the newspapers are full of articles, arguments,  letters of objection and stubborn stonewalling from the Powers That Be.

I’m afraid I fall into the category that believes no matter how many people object or how many petitions are submitted, the tolling system (that has already cost the province a vast amount of money to install) will go ahead.  This sort of casual disregard for public feeling or even plain common sense, seems to have become the norm.

But another norm has also established itself and that is the ability of all South Africans, right across the rainbow spectrum, to see the lighter side.  So it was no surprise – but still a happy diversion from all the usual doom and gloom – to find the whole etolling saga unfolding in Madam and Eve’s household a few days ago.


Thank goodness for Madam, Eve and die-hard, unapologetic  Granny! Where would we be without them?

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